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Improved Governance Action Program - Managing Fisheries for Sustainable Income and Wealth Creation:

What are the measures of unique new ways of thinking about fisheries management and aquaculture that ALLFISH should consider?

Seafood businesses depend on the environmental AND the economic sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture to remain viable. “Wealth creation” is a phrase that encompasses a number of complex concepts. These include the entire value chain and they require novel ways of thinking about seafood production. Two projects under this program element are designed to help fishing and aquaculture production in developing countries create wealth.

Fishery Performance Indicators

The first project, led by Professor Jim Anderson from the University of Rhode Island, will attempt to look at fishery performance indicators. Essentially, these will be economic indicators or indices, most of which are already in use, that can show whether the elements of a fishery or aquaculture management regime are economically successful.

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Certification Benchmarking

The second project, not yet fully operational, will apply a “benchmarking” process similar to the one that was used in the Global Food Safety Initiative. It will look at “sustainability” certification programs with a view towards describing the minimal acceptable levels that must be met at each stage in the value chain in order for a certification program to be acceptable.

This benchmarking approach will untangle the web of confusion that surround the numerous certificates and ecolabels and descriptions of “safe-to-eat” fish. Benefits of the benchmarking will accrue to consumers, who will understand what products are and are not sustainably produced. More importantly, developing country producers can easily understand what rules developing markets require them to follow along each step in the value chain. If producers want to sell product in developed country markets, they will understand much more clearly how to produce that product. The German development agency “Deutsche Gesellschafte für Technische Zusammenarbeit, Gmbh” known as GTZ, will lead this work in partnership with ALLFISH.

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Industry Codes of Conduct

This project will review existing seafood industry codes of conduct and prepare an ICFA-wide industry code of conduct for responsible seafood industry practices.

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Sustainability is a global issue

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