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  • StockTaking: Stakeholder

    Stakeholder Analysis

    Who is involved now in fisheries and fisheries management, and who might… Read More

  • Global Partnerships

    Strategy for Long Term Industry Engagement

    How might ALLFISH operate in the long term, after Bank funding ceases? Read More

  • Fisherman

    Global Communications Plan

    How do we inform various stakeholders about the need for a new way of thinking about fisheries management and ALLFISH… Read More

  • Market Place

    Expanding ICFA Representation

    How do we engage the fisheries and aquaculture operations in developing nations in creating a voice… Read More

  • Fishing

    Identify Fisheries Improvement Projects

    How do we demonstrate that ALLFISH will work in wild capture fisheries? Read More

  • Crabs

    Managing Fisheries for Sustainable Income and Wealth Creation

    What are the measures of unique new ways of thinking about fisheries… Read More


World Bank

World Bank

Allfish is a partnership between the seafood industry (ICFA), the World Bank, the Food and Agriculture Organization… Read More

News Releases

  • Allfish Website Goes Live

    Allfish, a public-private partnership created by the seafood industry, the World Bank, the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and the Global Environment Facility, can now be found online.

  • More News Releases